La Maison Mer de Cocagne is located in the heart of the region’s tourist attractions. Year-round!

Beaches in the area

Located just a 15-minute drive away are the area’s three most beautiful beaches:

  • The beach located along the Bouctouche Dunes extends over 12km and is one of the longest beaches in North America.  The Dunes are host to an ecosystem that provides habitat for many species of plants and animals.
  • The popular Parlee Beach in Shediac, the warmest saltwater beach in Canada!  It offers a wide range of activities and restaurants-terraces where you can enjoy seafood, browse shops, artisans and an agricultural market on Sundays.
  • The Aboiteau Beach in Cap-Pelé, a saltwater beach that extends over 5km.  There is also a wooden boardwalk and, beyond the dunes, shorebirds and waterflow.  You can enjoy seafood on a terrace!

Le Pays de la Sagouine

Le Pays de la Sagouine is located in Bouctouche, just 15 minutes from Cocagne.  Le Pays de la Sagouine is also known as L’Île-aux-puces, where Acadians go to celebrate. You can applaud the actors in character and local musicians who put on performances depicting Acadian culture and living. You will browse shops that are typical of that period and even attend dinner theatres at the restaurant L’Ordre du Bon Temps.  Le Pays is a creation of world-renowned Acadian novelist, playwrite and author Antonine Maillet’s imagination.

Bouctouche Dunes

Bouctouche is also home to the Bouctouche Dunes, the Irving Eco-Centre.  In addition to being one of the longest dunes in North America (12km), it is host to a fragile ecosystem in Bouctouche Bay. You can admire its beauty by walking along the wooden boardwalk and heading to the beach in search of seashells of different shapes and colours.


The town of Shediac is the Lobster Capital of the World.  It is well-known for its fishing activities and processing plants.  You will discover excellent seafood restaurants: scallops, Atlantic salmon or lobster are on the menu.  You can also explore the “Corridor of Lights”, browse shops and art galleries or relax on the terrace of a café.

 And of course there are all of the festivals and events that take place in the area, in both summer and winter. For a list of the main festivals and events, click on the link below: