La Maison Mer de Cocagne is a bed and breakfast that offers four large and comfortable rooms, each with its own bathroom, flat screen television, cable television services, free high speed Internet, compact refrigerator, radio alarm clock, in addition to breakfast being served each morning.

Historically, the convent’s ground floor housed the chapel, where the sisters and their students worshipped and practiced their Catholic faith.

The chapel was equipped with tinted yellow windows as well as a piano that was used to give piano lessons that religious gave their gifted music students. The chapel thus also served as chamber music.

This chapel was divided into two in order to offer two large rooms to travelers staying at La Maison Mer de Cocagne.

Both of these rooms have a theme:

Les Jardins de Cocagne

Les Jardins de Cocagne [The Gardens of Cocagne] reflects the abundance once found in Cocagne. where La Maison Mer de Cocagne is situated!

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In the time of the convent, the first floor was used as a dormitory. One was dedicated to the sisters, and the other to the boarders.  And we assume they all fell asleep to the rhythm of the waves of the sea, in absolute darkness and silence.  Not to mention the ocean breeze that must have accompanied the students’ dreams.

La Maison Mer de Cocagne offers four rooms, each with a specific theme:

La Mère Supérieure

La Mère Supérieure  (The Mother Superior)reminds us that the convent was run by the sisters who helped people from the community practice their faith and made sure discipline reigned in the classrooms.

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La Première Vague

La Première Vague [The First Wave] is a typically maritime room overlooking the sea and painted sky blue. When you lie down and close your eyes, you feel as though you are sailing the waves that touch beach.

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Private bathrooms

Each of the six rooms has its own private bathroom.  It has a sink, a shower cubicle and a toilet.  Spacious, “he” can brush his teeth, while “she” takes a shower.  Privacy.  Any time of the day.  While taking your time.

But still, do not waste too much time, because the southeastern New Brunswick area awaits you with its numerous tourist attractions!


la-maison-mer-de-Cocagne69The kitchen serves breakfast each morning in addition to your stay.  The fragrances will definitely wake you up and lead you to the innkeeper’s breakfast table.  The perfect opportunity to get acquainted with her and the “house” guests.

 Something good to start your day.

 La Maison Mer de Cocagne will be the Mother House during your stay in the south-eastern New Brunswick area!