The Convent, formerly located in La Maison Mer de Cocagne, had a basement that was used at the time to house classrooms intended for students of the Convent. Two classrooms were used by the sisters for teaching.

The innkeeper kept the blackboard, like the one from our childhood, including chalks and erasers.  She converted the basement into a conference/meeting room that can hold approximately 30 people.

La Maison Mer de Cocagne therefore makes accessible to associations, groups and clubs a basement that is completely finished for holding meetings: blackboard, projector, computer sockets, tables, chairs, loveseat, armchairs and a juice bar.

We dare believe the staid and thorough classrooms housed in such a historic site will help your meeting attendees achieve their desired results.

The fees for the conference room are as follows:

  • $40 / per hour
  • $400 / per day (shows, expos)
  • $200 / per day (conferences, meetings)

Please contact us to make a reservation!

La Maison Mer de Cocagne wishes you grace!