La Cage à Homard [The Lobster Trap] is inspired by the fishing activities that are practiced in the region.  You are in the Land of Lobster after all!  Lobster is a crustacean that everyone loves to eat.  Eating lobster is like having a celebration.

Lobster is an exotic product, as much because of the way by which it is caught using traps because of its shell and meat.  The pleasure of cracking the shell and removing the unique tasting meat makes eating lobster a feast, preferably among friends.  It’s a unifying dish!

The room, therefore, takes you back to this age-old fishing practice.  It is the color of wet sand and the innkeeper used fishing net for decoration as well as a lobster trap for a night table!  You will let yourself be seduced by the comfort of its large bed and the age of its furniture.

Trapped in the Land of Lobster!


  • $98.50, In Season (From June 1 to September 14, inclusively)
  • $85.00, Off Season (From September 15 to May 31)